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Terms of Service

TermsBy hiring me to make music and/or audio assets for your personal or commercial use you hereby agree to the following:License:You may use my songs and audio assets for any commercial or non-commercial purpose so long as I am credited somewhere. I will retain portfolio rights and will be able to use songs and assets for self promotion. You may not claim my work as your own. You are free to edit and/or remix my work in any way you please so long as credit is retained. No crypto related projects please.Terms are negotiable via contract.all personal works are under the CC BY 3.0 license.Payment:Payment(s) may be made via ko-fi or directly via paypal. Currently not accepting other pay methods.A payment must be made before work begins if you are a first time customer. A partial payment based on a payment plan is acceptable for this.Payment plans may be worked out. I am very open and flexible to your budget, so don't be afraid to ask. I only ask that you pick specific dates to make payments and stick to them. As a freelancer I have to carefully budget, and I would rather know when I'm receiving $20 instead of not knowing when I'm receiving $100.All sales are final unless the requested music and/or assets aren't able to be delivered in a reasonable manner due to illness, major technical difficulties, etc.additional charges may be applied for rush requests depending on the complexity and time frame.process:We will start by working out the style and function of the music you need. "I want a rock theme for my vtuber intros", "I need a 30 second loop for the background of my video to talk over", etc. The easiest way to communicate what you need would be a song reference. Simply provide a song that sounds similar to what you're looking for.After the song(s)/audio asset ideas are worked out I can begin once payment is made. I will add you to my queue so you can see when I can start on your audio and how far along I am. I will also give you 10-30 second demos to make sure I'm on the right track. I will be in frequent communication with you as I make progress until the project is complete. Before your final renders I'll send you a final draft for approval. Your renders will be sent over discord, or a file sharing website upon request.Delivery:Delivery times may vary depending on complexity, queue and other obligations. For alerts and short themes the time is usually 1-2 days. For full songs the time is usually 5-7 days per track. Depending on my current workload and complexity this may extend to 2-4 weeks or more. I will be in frequent communication with you during your project so you'll know my progress and the time frame.You can keep track of the status of your request here:
You will receive a .wav master track as well as a high quality low file size mp3. You may also request any other format you may need.